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At Only $55.00 per hour, Pricing is industry competitive.

All hourly work rates are the same for Design, Space Planning, Specification or Rendering Services.

Time is billed in 15 minute increments. 

Reduced Rates are Automatically given to Dealers once they reach 40 or 60 hours of design time for the calendar year. We offer this as an incentive and in appreciation of your design business.

Once 40 hours of design work has been billed the hourly rate becomes $48.000 a hour.

Once 80 hours of design work has been billed the hourly rate becomes $41.00 a hour.

ALL BIDS are Billed at $55.00 a hour with no Reduction of price for Design Time. Bids are time consuming and require more time and attention than a normal project due to the documents we have to sort through to lay them out. 

Dealers will receive an email stating the reduction of their hourly rates and this rate will continue to remain in effect until either the next tier is reached or the minimum amount of hours is not met for the calendar year.  

While most customer pay in a timely manner, if a dealer is put on a Design hold more than twice within a calendar year, their hourly rate will return to $55.00 a hour on the third design hold. Payment terms are net 15 days, however we do understand that it takes 30 days within some dealerships to receive payments. Therefore an account is only placed on hold if it is 60 days past due on payment for services rendered.

Quotes can be provided on projects and are a no charge service.